Biolane – Nursing Balm – 40ml


Prepares and soothes the nipples before and during nursing

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Hypoallergenic, it composed solely of lanolin, with moisturizing, protective and reparative properties, prepares and soothes the nipples before and during nursing.Its rich texture is easily, homogeneously and uniformly applied.

Before nursing: Softens the skin to prepare the breast for nursing.
During nursing: Protects, soothes and repairs by restructuring the delicate skin of fragile or irritated nipples.
Result: Sensations of tightness are soothed, the skin repaired and moisturized recovers suppleness, softness and comfort. Nursing becomes an enjoyable moment of tenderness.

Instructions of Use

Wash hands before each use.
To prepare for nursing, apply a small dab on the nipples every day over the last month
of pregnancy, to soften the skin and make it more resistant (ask a midwife for advice).
During the nursing period, apply this balm on the nipples after each feed and at any
moment of the day if needed.

Additional information

Additional information

Bottle size

40 ml


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