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How to Make Yourself Look and Feel More Attractive

Not being in your perfect senses at all times is normal for all of us. We sometimes find ourselves betrayed by the common course of the day by coffee spills, bad hair, broken alarms, sleeping in, or other obstacles of this sort. Whether betrayed by the day or not, most people admit that they are not entirely good and tend to feel less attractive.

If you are not confident about the way you look, you might need to start changing your perspective about yourself. After thorough research on the topic, it has been concluded that feeling desirable has little to do with your outer- appearance and more with your lifestyle.

Follow the tips to learn how you can see yourself from a better perspective so that you can look and feel attractive.

How to View Yourself in an Attractive Way

1- Wear Make Up.

Even if the event you are heading to does not require you to look fancy, a little eyeliner, some blush, and maybe a light-colored lipstick will brighten the way you feel about early rises. Adding a little touch to the way you look in the morning will make you change the way you see yourself. In turn, you will love yourself more and feel more attractive.

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2- Fake Your Confidence.

Act like you are attractive
Act like you really are!

The simplest way to feel confident is to act like you really are.

“It is all about your smile, body language and even eye contact.”

Insider (11 scientific ways to make yourself look and feel more attractive)

For instance, when entering a room, take a look around with your head up. Make eye contact with the person you converse with. Smile. Take slow and long steps as you walk.

You can even choose to wear comfortable clothes that will help you take your attention off them.

3- Choose the Perfect Clothes.

When deciding what to wear in the morning, make sure you assess your mood. If you feel like wearing loose clothes, then carry on and wear long flowy dresses or skirts. Flappy t-shirts can also make you feel more comfortable in your body.

4- Give Compliments.

Everyone feels desirable when receiving compliments from others. However, waiting for someone to compliment you will eventually make you feel discontented with yourself.

A successful twist would be to compliment others. Try talking about good traits that you can find in them. This will make you seem more appealing in people’s eyes.

5- Smile Always to Feel Attractive.

It does make you look more inviting to other people when you smile. However, it does have the same benefit for you. When you smile all the way through your day, you will feel rich and attracted to yourself.

Try smiling at yourself in the mirror and tell us in the comments how you feel.

6- Include Attractive Red in Your Oufit.

Feeling attractive when wearing red
Red makes you feel powerful and eliciting.

It is a symbol of confidence and attraction. Notice that women who wish to inspire others always have something red in their outfits. You can wear red lipstick, a shirt, dress, shoes, trousers, or a manicure color.

Red makes you feel powerful and eliciting. Remember that when meeting someone for the first time or going to a party with lots of people being invited.

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7- Give yourself Positive Affirmations.

As mentioned before, having someone compliment you provokes a magnificent feeling. However, doing it to yourself is a great boost to your confidence, so give yourself a pep talk!

For instance, every now and then, look yourself into a mirror and point out what you like about your appearance. For a more favorable experience, look through your achievements.

I myself look through the papers I had written before, the quantity of articles I published, the number of books I have read, and the various sketches I created of people. I also find pleasure in displaying them in a library or a shelf.

8- Get Manicures.

Taking care of your nails processes a feeling of elegance and cleanliness. Women who frequently get manicures and pedicures look more appealing to people and to themselves. They also display signs of self-love when they take care of their outer appearance.

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9- Feel Attractive by Having a Sense of Humor.

Joking and laughing at your jokes make you feel more at ease. Cracking people with your jokes will also make you look more attractive.

To look and feel attractive is simpler than you think. The first step is to make changes to love yourself. Once you admit that you are fond of the way you act and look, then you will seem more inviting to other people.


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