10 Makeup Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Doing

Well, we all have our flaws when applying makeup and trying to look attractive. Here is how to avoid doing mistakes that will make you look less appealing.

The Common Makeup Mistakes that Are Making You Look Less Appealing

1- Over-Washing Your Face

It is true that cleansing your face before applying makeup is a vital step. However, once you notice your foundation becoming flaky, it means you are overwashing your face.

2- Applying Makeup on Dry Skin

It is necessary to moisturize your face properly before applying makeup; that is to ensure your face does not look dull, cracked, old, and tired.

3- Incorrect Application of Concealer

You may be wondering what should be applied first, the foundation or concealer?! You must know that a concealer’s job is to “conceal” the parts of your face that look tired, dull, or crooked. In this case, applying the foundation before the concealer will make the latter more productive. However, do pay attention to the way you are applying your concealer. Keep in mind the following:

– Do not apply too much concealer all at once.

Start by placing a few drops on the dark spots and relatively blend them.

– Choose the right shade.

Remember there are different shades of concealer for every skin tone, and always make sure to consider tanned skin in summer.

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4- Too Much Foundation!

Applying too much foundation is always disastrous! Preserving your natural beauty is essential for looking attractive and appealing to others, and too much foundation will most definitely make you look cakey. In addition, too much application of makeup leads to acne problems and clogging pores.

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Applying the right shade of foundation to avoid makeup mistakes

5- Sleeping with Makeup on

There are no excuses not to remove your makeup before going to bed. Make sure your skin is perfectly clean before you sleep, for sleeping with your makeup on will make your skin dry and prone to acne and infections.

6- Matching Your Makeup to Your Clothes

It is old-school and tacky! Avoid looking like Venus! Makeup artists recommend that you avoid flashy colors in your makeup when wearing bright colorful clothes and stick to natural ones instead.

7- Tacky Lipstick Color

Always make sure to stick to natural colors! Your lipstick may ruin your whole makeup ensemble or make you look older than you are. If you like dark lipstick, make sure the rest of your makeup is light.

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8- Perfume Overload!

Too much fragrance is not only a turnoff but also bothers people around. Some get migraines or have allergic reactions to perfume.

9- Wrong Shade of Foundation

Just like when applying too much of it, having the wrong foundation is disastrous! Beauty appeals in natural charm, and a different foundation shade will make you look overdressed and tacky. If you happen to buy the wrong shade, simply mix it with your concealer to produce a color that matches your skin tone.

10- Stretching Your Eyelid When Applying Eyeliner

When you pull and then release your eye, it bounces back—and your eyeliner does, too. This can create bumpiness, texture, and that dreaded check-mark shape hanging off the eye.

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Those were ten makeup mistakes you have probably been doing without noticing. Stay tuned for more beauty mistakes and hacks that will make you look more appealing and attractive!


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